By, Mai 6, 2019

LU’UM is a collective of friends in Hamburg working in the field of architecture, design and cultural projects.

We founded LU`UM in early 2019 to turn ideas into reality. feel free to get in touch!

LU’UM co-creative house
c/o üNN
Billhorner Brückenstraße 40
20539 Hamburg


What we do

LU’UM is defined as a; co-creative House. Its mixes the archetypes of an; artistic collective & design studio, runned through a vision for urban-laboratory “thinking & making”. LU’UM is a multidisciplinary team of theoretical & practical individuals as an organised network, strategically co-working with other platforms. LU’UM has a dialectic focus towards project development, based on: ‚content & container‘ creation. Merging different disciples such as; architecture, sociology & arts. In specific the team is composed by 20 members, being some of them of designers, carpenters, researchers, musicians, illustrators, writers and in its most basic essence, an extraordinary group of humans. With the goal to achieve a better world, starting with the the beautiful city of Hamburg.

The projects that LU’UM develops reflect its vision for urban-laboratory “thinking & making” from a “process-based” approach, in contrast to the one of a manifesto. Meaning that LU’UM learns & evolves through its progress, contrary to the one of a political agenda. It adopts a “dynamic Identity” towards challenges but with focuses towards “alternatives for the just city”. Currently some of the on-going projects are the “Alst-stadt neuedeneken” in collaboration with üNN office, “Summer school” in collaboration with Kraftwerkbille, “The Bethlehem-Kirche Tower” in collaboration with the same church organisation and the kindergarten school there located. Some projects yet to come involve collaboration with Gägevirtel, Zinwerke, Skandalos Festival, Spine Architects and Hafen-City University.