By Lucas Bartholl, September 4, 2021

Maud created a series of experimental expeditions as an explorative journey at the Landzunge am Billhafen. By setting different conditions in each expedition, participators were asked to activate different senses. In the expedition highligh- ted on this page participators were asked to describe the place of observatory for 30 minutes through a megaphone. When everything has been seen and defined, what is left to still name?

With the nomadic infrastructure from Mokit, we built a tool to observe the Landzunge during this expedition.

Merging Shores is a co-productive project that creates a pathway along the sho- re of the inner-city of Hamburg consisting of 6 site-specific installations, a mobile architectural intervention as place-activator, and the Werkstatt Gröninger Hof as a discursive forum.

The route complements an artistic exploration across multiple sites on the oppo- site shore of the HafenCity called THE PORTAL by Imagine the City. Through the act of crossing the canal multiple times, exploring different layers of the city, a (location-) merging effect of the dissipated areas evolves in the mind of the citydwellers.