By javier, November 26, 2019

Season Report 2019
Documentation – 26.11.19
By: Mathias Ellmer, Timo Volkmann, Javier Acevedo

With this work we want to introduce you to the young and ambitious collective LU’UM and a small part of their eventful year 2019. We want to reflect about the happenings and projects we did. How did we get to the point where we are right now? Which network and people were essential involved at the projects? We know for sure that we couldn’t implement the projects without the right contacts.

This work is divided into three main chapters and a prolog. The prolog is about the envilaĝo, a self-build pavilion which paved the way to the other projects. Actually it was the first project of – at that time not existing collective Lu’um. But it was the kickoff. As a reader of the work it is important to get to know the structure and background of the building, because it apparently allowed us to realize the upcoming projects.

The first chapter deals with our interventions and projects we did in 2019. Actually it is about our motivation behind the design process. Which challenges lead to our interventions? The second chapter shows the implementation of what we had indented. It is a pure photo documentation to convey the atmosphere at the certain venues. In the third chapter we reflect about the past events. It is more personal and it questions our own thoughts and stances as three members of Lu’um. This part reveals the network of people who worked with us. Where do we stand right now? What is coming in the future? In the end we want to think outside the box and have a look into the future.

This work was supported by Prof. Dr. Mona Mahall at the course Open Studio in the master study program of architecture at the HafenCity University.