By Lucas Bartholl, Juli 18, 2021

With Hotel Salut we brought our practice inside the Hotel Solo program. By literally approaching the space of Club Solo as a hotel, we lived and worked on site for the two weeks period of their residence. By opening up the exhibition space from its arrival in Breda, both the building up and the dismantling as well as the daily activities have been publicly accessible. 

What happens if we open-up the one-sided relationship central to our common understanding of hospitality? Is there still a difference between working and living? Between the hosts and the guests? Between ‘solo’ and ‘collective’? By sharing hospitality and responsibilities we welcomed every visitor not only as a guest, but also as a participant. Therefore everyone has been invited to become part of a collective process.

A series of encounters has been implemented together with visiting collaborators and the “guests” of Hotel Salut. Gran Collectivo Pantitlan from Amsterdam invited the public for a mapping and cooking workshop.

LU’UM asked visitors to participate in a common playground of creating spontaneous spaces over interpersonal tasks. An expedition through public space has been held, inviting the participants to drop their everyday relations with the city to experience unexpected correlations on a journey through spaces yet to be discovered.

DJ Paulatina from Berlin and the visitors explored how sound, architectural settings and spatial experiences can inform and interact with another.

Furthermore with the elements of archive work, cinematic experience and a performed lecture, the fictional collective Soyuz Apollo from Hamburg presented a screening of 16mm films dedicated to ritualistic encounters with the dead.

The Mind and the Body
The ground floor of the building served as the transfunctional main space focussing on the spatial infrastructure for exploring the possibilities of spaces of encounters.
The upper floor has been the place for thinking, conceptualizing and archiving. The spatial distinction between these two focus areas has been purposely blurred during the series of encounters to inform one another, by for example a hole which was created in the ceiling and floor of the two spaces.

Spaces were constantly evolving by being redefined, combined or reseted as part of an indefinite playground.