DIGITAL TEMPLE: Opening on Tuesday, 07.04.2020 8pm CET

Translation is movement from a to b and under the current circumstances everything seems to point towards virtual realities & digital platforms to enhance our daily life. Now that our practice as a collective shifts with the present situation, we have to reorientate ourselves and adjust. In its original form a temple is a building (space) that is devoted to the practice of rituals. People congregate and gather to communicate and exchange (pray). Where the practice of it involves to give something of value back to the ecosystem one believes in (sacrifice). To temple as a verb evokes the act of creating these spaces together with a common purpose. In this sense the concept of a digital temple can come to life as a virtual social-sculpture suspending time and space. It opens a window for communication, collective dreaming and sharing modes of perceiving between each other. We now extend the invitation to a wider network of people beyond our own collective. In the weeks after our first meeting people can bring in their own projects, panel discussions, music, live sketching or other formats.The first gathering is the starting point of a discussion on how covid-19 is changing the way we work, think and live. What is happening? What can we do? And how are we experiencing phenomena from a personal/ collective perspective? 

Digital Temple Opening (zoom and twitch): Tuesday 07.04.2020 / 8pm CET / 1pm CST / 3PM EDT